Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Just listed

Orange Happy Balloon Bento Set 13.50
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My Neighbor Totoro Bento Box 20.00

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Set of 3 Anpanman Rice Molds 9.00

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Set of 3 Nori Punches 20.00
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More items listed daily!


Ariel said...

Hi there! I want to say keep up w/ the posts, because I am checking them! :D
I have heard that some people use simple crafts paper cutters to cut nori. Have you ever tried that? I wonder if its effective, and how it compares price wise.. Hm..

Myria said...

Hi Ariel!
I'm glad you are keeping up with the blog! I try to post whenever I list new items, however not all new items make it on here so check the store also! :)
Regarding the nori punches, I have heard that craft punches work well too, as long as they are the metal kind, and not plastic since the plastic ones aren't as sturdy. I have the face punches on here since they are EXTREMELY well made, and very heavy duty. Pricewise, of course the paper punches are the better deal, but these will last forever. Even here in Japan these cost about $15 a set and since I have to order them I have to pay shipping also. Mostly I have these listed as a request, when I factor in the shipping cost, i might actually be losing money on these..LOL

Ariel said...

Hi again! What do you do w/ your nori scraps? i mean, don't you get some leftovers after you punch a bunch of shapes in?

my gosh, i cant wait to start making bento. i'm so excited, and your blog feeds my interest! just gotta finish finals first! >_<