Thursday, 29 May 2008

June Contest

Hi Everyone!
This is a bento set that is handcrafted by me, and I am going to give it away to one lucky customer. Included in this set is a new 2 tier yellow oval shaped bento box, a pink bento belt with a little pudding guy sewn onto it, wooden chopsticks with a strawberry design, a fabric chopstick holder, and a matching drawstring bento bag, sewn using super cute "cake-chan" fabric I purchased here in Japan.
This really is a "one-of-a-kind" set, since I only made one ^_^
Every order placed from June 1st thru June 15th will be entered to win.
Good Luck!
I am also going to have some more giveaways at the end of the month to celebrate A-chan's 1st birthday! Stay tuned for more info!


autumn said...

Do you know if you'll be getting more of the black skull boxes in?

Myria said...

Hi Autumn,
Hopefully! I am still waiting on my supplier to restock~ I will post on here when I hear anything

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! You have a pattern for this, don't you? If only I still had my 4-H skills!

Any chance you'll have more of your handmade bags for purchase?

Myria said...

Hi Kristen,
If you are interested in something in particular (characters or a certain design) let me know, I can custom make you one if you want. --granted, it make take me a while to find the time... but I would be happy to do it :)