Monday, 2 June 2008

A few new items..

Animals in the Sea Bento Box 5.50

Animals in the Forest Bento Box 5.50

Cute Summertime Okazu Cups 4.00


Stephanie said...

Yet've sucked me back in!!

Stephanie said...

How many tiers is the Animals in the Sea bento box? And how many oz?

Myria said...

Hi Stephanie,
This is 2 tiers and holds 520 ml. :)

Anonymous said...

Eek! Those are too cute and tempting! I need to focus on getting some furoshiki and belts, but these are TOO kawaii!

Amy Lynn said...

How many of the Animals in the Forest boxes do you have left?

Myria said...

Hi amy lynn,
I have several left, and I can get more if I run out :) How many do you need?