Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Additions

Fruit Dividers 3.50

Set of 2 Hamburger/Rice Molds 7.50

Set of 3 Animal Food Covers for Bento 5.00

Suffering Apple Bento Set 16.00


Anonymous said...

Whoa! You got the surprise cups! Eeek! Gotta get those!

Anonymous said...

Two questions on the suffering apple set. Is it just glare, or is there a divider in the white cup? Second question, how many ml does it hold altogether?

Myria said...

Hi Hezmanagirl! I have a few of these available, I am going to try and get more :)
thebentogirl- hi! Great questions! I forgot to add ml to the description, I've corrected that-Thanks! It holds 400 ml total and it must be glare in the photo, I didn't find a divider inside.

Stephanie said...

Just when I think I have enough stuff...there you go adding more fun things to the store!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this would come in when I was away on vacation. I hope you get more of these, because it is too funny!