Friday, 5 December 2008

Finally! An Update!

Hello all! Finally I have a chance to update everyone on the status of the store. Sadly it has been longer than expected getting the store up and running again, I apologize for that. I really miss bento-ing!!
So, I have some pretty exciting news... The store is moving stateside! It is still going to be online only, but shipping (hopefully) will be even faster than ever. I have packed up all inventory and shipped it here to the US (6 huge crates to start) and I am in negotiations with my vendors and suppliers to have shipments of inventory sent to me here in the US.
I can't give an exact open date for the store since we are still house-hunting and will be busy moving, but as soon as we get settled, I will start looking for storage options and get the store opened back up ASAP!!
Thanks for your patience and I can't wait to start being bento-crazy again!