Monday, 22 June 2009

Q-Lia Bento Boxes

Q-Lia 2 tier bento box 14.00
also available: one tier box 12.00
matching drawstring bag and cup


Ashlie said...

Just got mine (well ok,a few days ago)! Its soo cute! What is it does it say on the lid?

Myria said...

Hi Ashlie!

I'm glad you like this box, I think it is super cute! : )
On the lid, it has the main character's name, (shizuki-chan in Japanese) but I'm not sure what is underneath.

Here's a little info on the character (courtesy of wikipedia)

Shizuku (しずくちゃん): The main character of the series. Being a raindrop sprite, he was born as a drop from rain for a cloud. He is named after his home, the Shizuku Forest. Rain fills Shizuku-Chan with happiness, causing rainbows to originate from his forehead. Shizuku is Japanese for "a drop of rain" which revolves around his birth.