Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New Items!

I have new items available from the Puppy Smile line.
So cute and starting at $3.50
Rice molds, bento cups, mayo cups, picks and more!


laura said...

where do you get this stuff?! is there some kinda awesome bento store in maryland?

tracy hanson said...

I am so very excited to get my order! My sweet G-baby will love them for Pre-school!!!

Myria said...

Hi laura,
LOL I wish... This all came from Japan. Oh wait, what I meant to say is there is an awesome store in MD, its called Bento Crazy! : )

Hi tracy! I'm mailing your order tomorrow so you should get it early next week. I hope your grandbaby loves preschool!

nekobi said...

These are just so cute!!~ I had to buy some. :3

I hope you can find more cute cute dog items in the future. <3 Doggies!

Myria said...

Hi nekobi-
I'm glad you like them! I thought they were so cute! I will keep an eye out for other cute doggie items : )