Friday, 21 August 2009

The Winner!

Mischele M.
of Plano, TX
The grand prize winner of the back to school bento contest! Mischele has chosen the black skull bento set. Enjoy!
I have two other small prizes to give away,
the winners of these bento accessories are the
people with the following order numbers:
590688- Congratulations Ellen K. of Knoxville, TN!
584976- Congratulations Erin I. of Avenel NJ!
If this is your order #, email me and I'll send out your prize!
I am also planning on having another contest to give away one of the remaining bento sets, but I am fresh out of ideas, any suggestions? I was thinking maybe you guys could submit your best bento photo and the winner can choose one of the remaining sets. Or something like that, give me some ideas! : )


Trish said...

This will be my first year making bento lunches for my kids -- I'm so happy I found your store! I'm looking forward to receiving the order I just placed!

I'll be checking your blog for inspiration!

Myria said...

Hi Trish!

Yay! A new bento convert! : ) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks for your order, I hope you like everything!

I will be posting more on my blog once school starts next week.

azxure said...

I did not win :( Congrats to those who did!

homtchr said...

Please tell me the Koi Bento will be back in stock soon!

Sakura said...

Do you combine shipping for your store?

Myria said...

hi azxure! I'm sorry you didn't win, I am going to have another contest soon to give another set away.

hotchr- I don't know if I will have more, these have been discontinued in Japan so i may not be able to order any more : (
If you want to email me, I'll notify you if I can get more.

Sakura- Hi! I do combine shipping, it's $4 for the 1st item, then $1 for every item after that. The maximum charge for US shipping is $10.